Business Legal Support

All types of legal services required for business entities which includes_

Start up

  • All legal support required to start a business, which includes, but not limited to, Investment agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, Profit sharing agreement, etc.

Trade License, certificate and approvals

  • Procurement of Trade License from applicable authorities
  • Fire certificate
  • Factory Approval
  • Board of Investment
  • IRC
  • ERC
  • Environmental certificate

Intellectual Property

  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Logo
  • Patent

Legal Advice-Opinion-Feedback

  • Legal advice, opinion, feedback, and assistance on any legal issue, conflict and Court cases.

Legal Drafting

  • Preparation of contracts-agreements as per business requirement in compliance with relevant local and international laws with particular focus on Client’s interest.
  • Preparation of contractual formats for Client’s everyday use, customized legal drafting, on demand legal drafting, sending and replying legal notices.
  • Reviewing all counterparty contracts-documents and to provide necessary legal inputs/ suggestions to safeguard client’s interest.


  • Vetting, assisting and supervising Land and Real estate related issues. Corporate Estate Management


  • Compliance, liaison, litigation, approval, license, permission, negotiation, arbitration issues.
  • To keep the Clients updated on changes in different relevant laws and to recommend right legal recourses.

HR Issues

  • Customized employment agreement
  • HR guideline to ensure compliance to Labor Act and Rules

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