Corporate Legal Services

We provide all types of legal services for the Companies, which includes the following_

Registrar of Joint Stock and Companies (RJSC) related

  • Pre-registration procedures
  • Name clearance
  • Incorporation and registration at Partnerships, Companies and Societies
  • Drafting and Customizing Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Registered office address facility
  • Transfer of Share certificates
  • Change of Directors
  • Increase of share capital.
  • Annual return preparation and filing.
  • Struck off
  • Winding up

Trade License, certificate and approvals

  • Procurement of Trade License from applicable authorities
  • Fire certificate
  • Factory Approval
  • Board of Investment
  • IRC
  • ERC
  • Environmental certificate

Intellectual Property

  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Logo
  • Patent

Legal Advice-Opinion-Feedback

  • Legal advice, opinion, feedback, and assistance on any legal issue, conflict and Court cases.

Legal Drafting

  • Preparation of contracts-agreements as per business requirement in compliance with relevant local and international laws with particular focus on Client’s interest.
  • Preparation of contractual formats for Client’s everyday use, customized legal drafting, on demand legal drafting, sending and replying legal notices.
  • Reviewing all counterparty contracts-documents and to provide necessary legal inputs/ suggestions to safeguard client’s interest.


  • Vetting, assisting and supervising Land and Real estate related issues. Corporate Estate Management


  • Compliance, liaison, litigation, approval, license, permission, negotiation, arbitration issues.
  • To keep the Clients updated on changes in different relevant laws and to recommend right legal recourses.

HR Issues

  • Customized employment agreement
  • HR guideline to ensure compliance to Labor Act and Rules

General legal support

  • Debt recovery, GD-FIR support, liaison and negotiation

Legal Training

  • On demand legal training on required topic

Retainer service

  • Constant legal support at affordable and discounted rate

Strike off and Winding up

  • Assisting a company at its last moments.


Business and corporate entities require far reaching, sustainable and premium quality legal services and as legal service provider, our first task is to safeguard our clients from legal complications and if complication ever arises, to ensure that our clients are fully protected and receive the best possible legal remedies.

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